Solar Systems


Solar Home Systems

  • 20watt solar module with 5m x 2.5mm ripcord
  • 17A/Hr sealed lead/acid battery
  • 6 amp Steca solar regulator
  • 3 x plugs for lights
  • 1 x car plug
  • blade fuse protection
  • Plug for panel cable
  • 3 x 9watt 12v CF lights with cables
  • 3 x light fittings with on/off switches

The solar module can be fixed mounted or can be simply be placed on the ground and angled to the sun using the integral stand

  • BATTERY sealed maintenance free unit
  • LIGHTS Compact fluorescent 9 watt units with plug in cables and switches.
  • CAR PLUG Enables a cell phone to be charged.
  • FUSES Blade type auto fuses to protect controller and lights.
  • CONTROLLER Prevents power loss to panel at night and protects battery against over discharging . LED battery power level indicator

Solar Battery charging Kits

  • 1 x 50 watt solar module with adjustable stand
  • 1 x 6 amp Steca Regulator
  • Cables to panel and battery with connectors and battery clamps
  • 2 x 35 watt solar modules hinged together with stands, cables as above
  • 2 x 50 watt solar modules hinged together with stands, cables as above
  • 1 x 10 amp Steca regulator, cables, connectors as above

Single panels of any size available on request.


  • Protective bag in heavy duty material with padding. The bag is large enough to fit all models

10 metre extension lead with connectors. The panels have integral s/s stands so the panel can be placed away from the vehicle battery on the ground to track the sun. A 6m controller to panel cable is provided. Optional extension cable with connectors is available on request. Connectors used are 30 amp. Anderson Powerpole connectors and cables are 2.5 and 4mm black/red ripcord. The 50watt unit is sufficient to recharge your battery when using a small camping fridge and lights.